I’ve had the pleasure of singing at many weddings in this beautiful valley. Every one has been so different. From lakeside dazzling sunshine, to cosy fireside affairs. I’ve even performed in meadows and on top of mountains!

I get quite involved in the wedding plans as music often has such a key role in the day. There’s three areas I’m involved in, sometimes I play just one area, sometimes I get asked to do all three. It’s lovely to follow the wedding party to their different locations throughout the day. Taking instruments up cable cars is all included in the job!

Firstly there the ceremony. I sometimes play a short set before the bride arrives while people take their places and add final touches. It’s a nervous time and music takes the edge off a bit. Upon the bride’s arrival I sing her preplanned song accompanied by piano. A piece during the ceremony is sometimes requested followed by the walk-out song of choice.

Secondly, I play a champagne and canapés set for a couple of hours. Sometimes I bring another musician to add variety. This is the perfect time for music as it provides a backdrop for the ultimate socialising space.

Then onto the reception! An after-dinner set is such a great way to build the energy up. I have put together a wedding band of vocalists, guitars, keyboard & percussion. The set is designed to appeal to everyone’s tastes and includes popular music from the 20’s to current charts. Floor fillers range through genres such as funk, pop, reggae, folk-rock, all influenced by the couple as we often work through the setlist together and arrange some song requests before the day. We’ve had some amazing first dance requests!

There’s something about live music that gets people motivated and engaged, sometimes they really would dance till dawn! All treasured memories for couples and guests alike, and of course me and the band!

Thanks to all the couples who have entrusted me with helping make their wedding day extra special. It’s such a pleasure to set the mood for those important moments. I remember them all and can’t think of anything else I’d rather do!

If you’d like Amy to prepare a beautiful musical accompaniment to your wedding day, drop her a line at dear.amy@hotmail.com