Georgina & Andy

Why did you decide to get hitched in Morzine?

We were inspired to get married in Morzine because we both love to ski and loads of our friends said they wanted to give it ago, so we thought if we had our wedding out here loads of people would try skiing for the first time which was how it happen. Loads of new friendships were formed and we also love Chilly Powder, it’s like home from home.

Was it easy to find your perfect wedding venue?

The venue was the easiest part, as we have stayed at Chilly Powder loads of times. I think this was our 9th year!

Since you were based in the UK, how easy was it to plan and coordinate your wedding in Morzine?

It was not too bad to arrange the wedding as Paul and Francesca at Chilly Powder had lots of local knowledge and booked the cake and the string band for us. We had meet Peter, a humanist celebrant, before when we’d stayed at Chilly Powder, and we also meet up with him in the UK before our wedding too. I arranged my flowers from here in the UK as I thought it would be easier to take a ready made ribbon and bottom bouquet and button holes, which where stunning.

What is your fondest memory of your big day?

The most memorable part of the day was naming our daughter after we where married. This became our first job as husband and wife and seeing all our friends and family get on so well was very special too. The best part is that my mum made it, as she was so ill and I was glad she witnessed us say our vows and name our daughter.

Any tips for future brides and grooms getting married in the area?

The best tip is to talk to people who know the area and also know what will work due to the time of year.

Photos by Jacquie Cutler