Jacquie & Craig

Where did you get married Jacquie?

I moved to Morzine in 2006, where I met my husband to be… so it was just the perfect place. We just wanted a small / private wedding but to have the lovely views so that our friends and family from abroad could enjoy and see some of our life out here.

It was SO easy for us to find our wedding venue, and it was our dream. Very close friends of ours run The Mountain Lodge Company and their Chalet Les Quatre Vents was just the setting. There is a large sundeck (south facing) with views of the Pleney so we hired a marque with open sides. It was magical, perfect, wonderful… all those things you want from your own wedding. Plus all our friends could stay there.

Since you live in the area, it must have been relatively simple for you to find your suppliers. Who did you use?

Quite easy really, it is about who you know. Living out here did make it easier. Richard and Karen, who run The Mountain Lodge Company were just fantastic, and went beyond the bounds of friendship to make it all possible, being in the chalet business they just knew how to put on a good party too and look after everyone. Karen even made my daughter’s bridesmaid dress together with all the favours for the ladies, she just has an eye for things. We asked another friend, Lewis from the Sherpa, to do the BBQ and that was amazing too. Friends from home made bunting and brought a bubble machine and we had a PA system from Ritchie.

What do you remember most about your big day?

There are so many parts that made my day, it is hard to say which one. Best of all was just having our friends and family there to help us celebrate. The venue was perfect and just what we wanted, the views from there are to die for and I dont know any other venue in Morzine that has this. What I can say is that the best thing I did was to hire Stewart Monk to do our wedding video. Being a professional wedding photographer it was too difficult to ask someone to photograph my wedding, I got my sister (a very keen photographer) to take photos, together with other people I knew would get the photos for us (thanks Robin!). BUT the video was beyond my expectations. As Stewart has the same informal style as me I knew he would be good but wow, the video makes me cry every time I see it and am so pleased I had it done. Family that were unable to attend were sent copies of the full wedding, then the short version sent to others. Check out my video where you can see what a perfect setting it really was and how fab Stewart was as well.