Rolling Road Airport Transfers


Rolling Road Airport Transfers

If you’re planning a multi-venue wedding celebration in our beautiful valley, or wondering how to get all of your guests from the airport to the mountains, Rolling Road Airport Transfers are here to make your life much easier.


David, Sarah and their team have many years of professional experience transporting holiday makers around the area using their 8-seater minibuses. If you’re planning a Morzine wedding but wondering how you’re going to plan your transportation logistics, then worry no more. The Rolling Road team work directly with your wedding guests, collecting their flight details and coordinating their travel to and from resort, so you don’t have to.

They’re even available to help with in-resort transportation during your time in the mountains! Drivers are available to help you move all your guests from your ceremony to your wedding reception and back to their accommodation again at the end of your special day, saving you hassle and time!  

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