In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s likely that the whole world will see your wedding photos before you do.

Once we’d wait for our official wedding portrait to come back from the photographer, now we’ll be tagged, shared and liked before the champagne corks start popping.

But do you have a choice? Yes you do. A gentle suggestion on a wedding invite, reminding your guests to celebrate your special day with you while keeping their phones in their pockets / handbags could go some serious way to keeping your wedding private.

Or do you embrace the social media wedding? Creating your own hashtag for your wedding means your guests will be able to search for your wedding photos online, both during and after the event. All they need to do is post their pictures as #dave&debra (for example, insert your names here!) on Instagram or Twitter, then everything associated with your wedding will be gathered together for you to view.

And what about Facebook? It’s estimated that 54% of all brides will change their relationship status on Facebook within 24 hours of getting married. I know, that surprised me too; I actually thought it would be higher! And 68% of couples set up a Facebook page to share the images of their wedding.

So is all this amateur papping going to make the traditional wedding photographer redundant? Morzine based wedding photographer Jacquie Cutler doesn’t think so. “What are the chances of a wedding guest taking your ultimate wedding portrait on their iPhone? Very slim! Camera phones are great for capturing the atmosphere and fun of a wedding day, but you’re unlikely to find a shot to sit on your mantelpiece and show your grand children!”